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This blog was created in 2009. I never expected to end up here.
I love all things Disney + Food + Travel.
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  • The east #coast has this beautiful chain of #food stands called Rita’s that serve #Italian water ice and #custard. This here is a #Mango Gelati. Perfect for this humid #summer day in Washington D.C.! Thanks, @dcritas . (at Ritas Water Ice)

    Homemade Fruit Popcicles

    These are so easy to make — you don’t even need a recipe.

    Blend/process your fruit with your sweetener of choice until it’s ‘pourable’ (sweetener is not required, but you can add honey, agave, etc. Usually the riper your fruit, the sweeter it will be on its own).

    Pour it into empty Popsicle molds (or small yogurt containers), add a stick of your choice (you can also just spoon ‘em) and freeze overnight.

    If fruit is too soft to hold the stick firmly, freeze fruit a third of the way or so through, then add stick. You can use whatever fruit you have on hand or experiment with different combinations. This time, for flavors, I settled on raspberry, kiwi, orange, and blackberry-vanilla bean yogurt. Before I go, I will leave you with a couple of tasty popsicle recipes I stumbled uponhereandhere–both look delicious

    viaDandy Sugar

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