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This blog was created in 2009. I never expected to end up here.
I love all things Disney + Food + Travel.
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    neighborhood jacaranda trees making a mess on the street.

    marengo avenue.  south pasadena, calif.

    nikon d700 with af-s nikkor 35/1.8g dx.


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    if you are a Disney fan who hates on The Muppets you need to fucking check yourself before you wreck yourself 

    Disney News: Big Rumored Changes for Epcot

    Today as I was sitting in our marketing agency sipping my third cup of coffee and taking a small brain break when I came across this rumor that was so exciting I knew I had to share immediately.  As a native Southern Californian, I have always been partial to the Soarin’ Over California attraction and always hoped they would take this same idea to the next level.  It is finally (rumored to be) happening.

    Theme Park Tourist made a post detailing the upcoming rumored changes which included an additional third theater for the Soarin’ Over California attraction in Epcot, but also an entirely new attraction where the ride leaves the golden state of California and instead takes guest Soarin’ Over the World.

    Rumored international locations include England, France, Italy, Egypt, India, China and Japan.  Domestic landmarks are also expected to be featured in the new film, with the Grand Canyon, the New York City skyline, and of course, Walt Disney World in the mix. The new film will also include a whole new soundtrack and, presumably, more of those “scented” moments that have become one of the hallmarks of the Soarin’ experience.

    What does everyone else think?  I personally think this is going to be the shit and I am SO DOWN.


    Two friends promise to meet up at the magic kingdom, to only wind up in a wild goose chase.

    Maybe they should have specified which kingdom first?

    Oh bother.

    Francis & I 

    (Thanks for the help Meli & Francis!)      

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