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This blog was created in 2009. I never expected to end up here.
I love all things Disney + Food + Travel.
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    are these 3 different characters





    Actually I care. If it’s still happening it needs to be pointed out again. I like my characters with more diversity

    Good for you. Guess what? So do I. But this movie works as fucking is and we’ve been over this fucking argument since we first saw promos. 

    Get the fuck over it and move the fuck on.

    You don’t like the movie? Ignore it. The rest of us do.

    Actually, no. This movie DOESN’T work which is why this argument needs to come up over and over again until we stop seeing articles praising Frozen for being Disney’s “best.”

    There IS no ignoring it when it’s plastered everywhere, where it’s STILL played constantly in stores, when “Let It Go” still pops up in the backdrop of every major shopping center.

    There is especially NO ignoring it if you’re in animation.

    It’s hard to ignore such blatant copy-paste characters succeeding in popular media while you are slaving over character design courses and being forced to make unique silhouettes for each character.

    It’s hard to ignore such POOR writing and characterization when you’re doing everything in your power to keep your OWN characters from overused tropes and from become just stereotype.

    It’s hard to ignore such a weak story with weak representation on a website full of people who constantly sing Frozen praises and put it on such a pedestal that they create scenarios with homosexual characters just to given Frozen even MORE praise.

    It’s SUPER hard to ignore it because you can’t even try to bring up a DISCUSSION on Frozen and it’s flaws because everyone gets so ridiculously defensive over any criticisms on this film and instead of being met with cohesive arguments we are left with such weak and trivial excuses like:

    • "Well, they’re related! My mother and I are also carbon copies!"
    • "Sami people are white! I should know because Europe!"
    • "If you don’t like it so much why don’t you just get your own multi-billion dollar company and make your OWN film?"
    • "Animation and character design is hard! Drawing unique female characters is super difficult so of course they’re all the same! Give Disney a break! They’ve only been at it for 80 years!"

    So long as this movie gets praised over other films that have succeeded where it failed, we won’t “get over it.”

    Because the public were taken in by this trope-fest and deemed that the art design was better than Dreamworks’ The Croods, that the writing was better than La Parti’s Ernest and Celestine, that the story was better than Pixar’s Monsters University, and that the animation was better than Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises. Clipping animation beat out Miyazaki.

    The only way this movie works is as a blatant money grab with no regard to the actual art of animation.

    So long as that wins over the artform, no. We won’t get over it.


    (via geek-is-the-new-chic)

    Our waiter in Georgia just told my brother that he looked like “a young Bobby Flay” and I have never laughed that hard at the breakfast table. Jimmy was DEEPLY offended.

    Yesterday I met this #pug named Beatrice who was on a #picnic with her family. As soon as I took out my phone to take a picture of her, she stuck out her #tongue. I figured the #pugofinstagram community would be able to fully appreciate her superb modeling abilities.

    Breaking Food News:  Starbucks Goes Soda Fountain

    Starbucks announces made-to-order sodas coming summer 2014.  This summer Starbucks guests will be able to enjoy flavors like Golden Ginger Ale, Lemon Ale, and Spiced Root Beer.  The drinks will be named Fizzio (after the machine that carbonates them) and guests will now have to option to also carbonate some of their old favorite drinks. 

    (Source: foodbeast.com)


    Dahlia the cat got spooked as she was being moved from her carrier in the car and took off into the woods on university in east campus. She has never been outside before and has no claws, so if you see (or think you see) her please contact me! 

    She is black and white, has tattoos in both ears, is very skittish around new people and loud noises, and has no collar (but is microchipped).

    Keep an eye out please!

    The east #coast has this beautiful chain of #food stands called Rita’s that serve #Italian water ice and #custard. This here is a #Mango Gelati. Perfect for this humid #summer day in Washington D.C.! Thanks, @dcritas . (at Ritas Water Ice)

    "Ottoman Garden Mediterranean #Salad " - grilled #salmon, grape tomatoes, red onion, rosemary roasted potatoes, cucumber, green beans, marinated olives, and crumbled #feta with baby greens, arugula, and a red wine-Dijon dressing.

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